Team Building “Αpollo 11”

Project Description

Team Building “Αpollo 11” for the Pharmaceutical Company Leo Pharma

Venue: Electra Palace Hotel, Athens-Greece

The Project: Concept, Design and Implementation of a kick-off Team Building event, for 30 employees from Management  departments of Leo Pharma from Athens, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria and Tunisia.

The Need: Creation of a fun Team Building activity that will help to improve communication, collaboration & encourage the employees to set some goals and achieve them.

The Concept: “Apollo 11”
The Idea: A creative and fun activity that simulates the processes of sending a manned spacecraft to the moon and back! The participants had to follow the steps of early NASA programs and build their own “Apollo 11” rocket. They then had to launch their rockets using a water propulsion system!

The Implementation: 2 months
The Results: A fun and positive energy 4-hour team building that improved the relationship and communication between the employees of the company, promoted the importance of team spirit and achievement of objectives.



Project Details
  • Client - Leo Pharma
  • Date - 11/11/2015
  • Tags - Team Building, Apollo 11, Pharmaceutical company