Velti Pita Party 2013

Project Description

The Venue: Gotham City Stage, Athens
The Project: Concept, Design & Implementation of Pita Party for Velti’s employees
The Need: Creation of a thematic party in order to entertain, reward and motivate employees through an optimistic environment , in contradiction with the difficult era.
The Concept: “The Mardi Gras experience in Velti Street”
The Idea: The Mardi Gras is the greatest street party on earth full of music, colors, parades, excitement and one big holiday in New Orlean’s Bourboun street. Our idea was to transfer the Mardi Gras experience to the 2013 Velti Pita Party.
The Implementation: 1 month

Project Details
  • Client - Velti S.A
  • Date - 23/01/2013
  • Tags - Party, Pita